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Ram psychiatry Hospital is a nationally recognized independent hospital. Focus is exclusively on providing the patients with best possible treatment of psychiatric illness and addictive disorders in the best possible environment.

Ram psychiatry hospital encompasses treatment for Schizophrenia and other psychosis, Mood disorders including Depression and Bi - polar disorders, personality disorder. Ram psychiatry programmes by special experts in training patients dually diagnosed with both a psychiatric illness and a substance abuse disorder.

The acute psychiatric care hospital is the newest in the state. It is a 50 bedded, closed facility that is managed by board certified psychiatrists. The experienced psychiatrists, nursing, social and occupational work staffs, dedicated to this unit are specifically trained to stabilize patients and provide symptom reduction in a safe environment.

Acute care services for adults and adolescents at ram psychiatry hospital focus on rapid evaluation and relief of symptoms of illness of co - morbid psychiatric conditions, co - morbid substance abuse conditions. At ram psychiatry hospital we emphasize the importance of family environment. Patients and their families meet individually with our clinical staff. Family forum series provides additional education about mental illness and addiction.

Ram psychiatry hospital is home to the city's oldest and foremost research program in psychiatry hospital setting. Research work in Ram psychiatry Hospital includes,

  • A multi faceted drug and alcohol abuse research program with major institutes, to compare treatment models and explore the difference between men and women in biochemistry of dependency.
  • Clinical research on bipolar and psychotic disorders with a specialization in the management of 1st episode of psychosis.
  • Clinical research in families various psychiatric disorder in both acute and chronic stages.
  • Research on drug molecules at various stages of psychiatric illness.
  • Many of our research work has been presented at various conferences all over the world and some of them has been published in Indian and international reputated journals.


Research & Development

Research activity in Ram Psychiatry hospital structures from induction of the hospital. More than 30 research articles have been published till date. Various research articles have been published in reputated journals of India. Also most of the original articles have been presented in many National & International conferences in last 15 years.